Community Round Table
The Community Round Table is composed of citizen representatives from the various sectors of the Sarnia-Lambton community. It was established to advance strategic initiatives that have been identified by citizens.  

Trillium Project



The Community Round Table requested funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to move forward on the strategic directions that were identified at the 2010 Community Summit - Developing Future Directions for Sarnia-Lambton.  The Round Table proposed using the funding to enhance Sarnia as a sustainable community, to build a strong, positive image of the community, to attract, retain and engage youth, and to foster community inclusion, collaboration and engagement. 

The funding was requested to create the infrastructure to make the initiatives self-sustaining. They recognized that the work would require continual nurturing, and the Community Round Table committed to working with its partners to ensure that this happens.

As part of the Trillium project, these two events were held in 2012: Aguas Azul – Celebrate Sarnia and Neighbourhood Meet and Greets. Other projects such as Dear Sarnia and Community Conversations have also been launched.

Aguas Azul – Celebrate Sarnia

In the summer of 2012, the Community Round Table hosted “Aguas Azul – Celebrate Sarnia.”  Members of the community were invited to Centennial Park on May 26, 2012 to celebrate the city.  The day included food and drinks, presentations from residents on positive community experiences and discussions about further community engagement.  The event was facilitated by Paul Born, director of Tamarack, an Institute for Community Engagement.  For more information on Paul Born’s work, please visit the Tamarack website.

Aguas Azul

Neighbourhood Meet and Greets

The Community Round Table organized a series of Neighbourhood Meet and Greets in neighbourhoods around Sarnia with help from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The Community Round Table invited neighbors to hold barbecues, street parties, community cleanups, community games or anything that brings people in their neighbourhood closer together.  They emphasized the numerous benefits of neighbourhood engagement, including meeting your neighbours and making new friends, increasing the sense of belonging to a community, encouraging neighbours to look after each other and the neighbourhood, and having fun!

Individuals were also invited to submit applications to win host kits for this event.  These kits included burgers, sausages, sweets, and for a few lucky neighbourhoods games, live music performances and face-painting.  A total of twelve kits were distributed to those that submitted winning entries, but several neighbourhoods who did not receive host kits held Meet and Greets as well.    

The Neighbourhood Meet and Greets occurred on the weekends between September 9 and September 23, 2012.  To view pictures from the Meet and Greets, please visit the Community Round Table page on Facebook.

They are BACK for 2015!  The Neighbourhood Meet and Greets will be held May 30 & 31, 2015.  Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details on how you can participate with your neighbourhood this year!

Meet & Greet


Dear Sarnia

Dear Sarnia is modeled on the concept of Dear Photograph.  Citizens are encouraged to share their memories of the community.
This is accomplished by taking a new picture of an old picture, held up in front of the same location today, with a caption outlining what the memory means to you.

Visit the photo section on our facebook page to view the current submissions.

Please submit photos to:

Dear Sarnia


Six String Nation Guitar – Voyageur visited Sarnia

Have you heard about the Six String Nation Guitar? Jowi Taylor wanted to start a conversation about Canada by sharing some of the stories of our country.  The result was the Six String Nation Guitar, an amazing piece of Canadiana with over 64 different pieces from across the country built into it, including Paul Henderson’s Hockey Stick, a seat from Massey Hall, gold from Rocket
Richard’s Stanley Cup ring, Trudeau’s paddle, wood from the Golden Spruce and much more. The newest piece has many over the moon! Sarnia’s own Chris Hadfield’s Mission Patch (curiously, guitar-pick-shaped) is installed in the case.
To learn more about the guitar, please visit:

 On January 31st & February 1st, 2013, Jowi brought the Six String Nation Guitar to Sarnia. He visited two local schools (Lansdowne and London Road), held a photo session at The Book Keeper, hosted an open mic session at Paddy Flaherty’s, visited Mayor Bradley, spoke at the Strangway Centre, and then made his way down to Cheeky Monkey for First Friday. Some of
Sarnia’s finest guitarists took the opportunity to strum the iconic strings, including Mark Potvin, Jim Chevalier, Brenden E. Fraser, Dave Miner, Adam Miner, James McNaule, Jeff Getty, Dan Butts, Kevin Churchill, Sarah Jane, Dave & Renee, Mike McKyes, Melle Dacunha, Trevor Bouck, Aaron Zimmer and Keith and Ryan Young.

Many other citizens also had the opportunity to hold this incredible piece of Canadiana.  Click here to see the photos from the visit to the Bookkeeper and please take a few minutes to read Jowi’s blog, which covers his his visit to Sarnia. Click on any of the following links to be taking to that blog page: Sarnia at Last, School Spirit, Book Keeper, Paddy Flaherty’s, Mayor Mike Bradley, Strangway Centre, First Friday, Cheeky Monkey, DNA Studio.

Many heard Jowi’s presentation and the stories that make up Canada.  The Community Round Table encouraged citizens to think about the stories that make up our community. The following recollections were among the many shared:
%u25A0 A community like no other offering such tremendous compassion,
support and humanity. My second family.
%u25A0 I’ve been giving back to Sarnia, the community that I represented and
was raised in by making people smile every day that I walk about this
fine Bluewater City!!! -Will Dunbar
%u25A0 As a touring professional musician, I have always visited Sarnia and
family and have been intrigued by the abundance of music, artists
and venues available to support live music here. Very unique indeed.
-Greg Nickson
%u25A0 My favourite story is of the first day we arrived – hot and humid.
My neighbour to the left brought us chairs to sit on. Our neighbour to
the right brought us sandwiches and drinks. They are still cherished
neighbours after 42 years.-Madeline Mahon

What are your stories of our community?

For more information on the Ontario Trillium Foundation, please visit the Trillium website.



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