Community Round Table
The Community Round Table is composed of citizen representatives from the various sectors of the Sarnia-Lambton community. It was established to advance strategic initiatives that have been identified by citizens.  

Environmental Committee

The Community Round Table established the Environmental Committee in 2007 in order to develop and implement an Environmental Action Plan as outlined at the Environmental Summit, held in November of that year.

The Environmental Summit took place on 10 November 2007 at Lambton College. The purpose of the Summit was to develop ideas for individual actions related to air, water, natural environment, energy and waste. At the Environmental Summit, individuals discussed the question “What can we do as individuals to help sustain our environment?”

The top priority identified at the Summit was making Sarnia a green community and reducing our carbon footprint. The goals identified for the following year focused on moving towards this vision of a green community. Some of the goals identified included reducing household electricity consumption, increasing composting, working toward zero waste, and decreasing vehicle idling. To learn more about top actions identified at the Summit, please visit the Reports page.

The Summit led to the publication of the Environmental Action Plan in 2008. The Environmental Committee foresaw three ways of achieving their goals: education, partnerships, and encouragement of individual actions, including both encouraging people to take action on their own and by sharing knowledge and working with others. To read the Environmental Action Plan, please visit the Reports page.

The Environmental Committee’s accomplishments to date include:

- Enlisting Bluewater Power to donate Killawatt meters to the library system so citizens can check their energy use

- Partnering with Bluewater Sustainability Initiative, Lambton College, and others to bring Doug

Mackenzie-Mohr to the community to discuss changing behaviour related to the environment

- Promoting Earth Hour for the past three years

- Preparing an Environment supplement for the Sarnia Observer for the past three years

- Working with the Arbor Week Committee to produce a bike tour of Trees of Distinction in the community

- Working on a three-stage approach to becoming an idle-free community. The process began by recommending this plan to the City of Sarnia, which they accepted. The first stage involved the City of Sarnia constructing an in-house idling policy (accomplished), the second stage concerned community education about idling (in progress), and the third stage will be recommending an idling bylaw for the City of Sarnia (currently under development)

- Presenting a series of displays throughout the community on being idle free and encouraging people to follow environmentally friendly practices

For more information on the work of the Environmental Committee, please visit the Green Share website.

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